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January 16, 2013
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  If anyone was to go up to [Name] and ask her what was the most important thing to her she would automatically reply, "Family and friends." It was who she was- she was loyal, told the honest truth no matter how hard it was, and would never leave a friend behind. She often told her friends during their serious conversations, "You know I'd never tell you something to get yourself hurt. I'm telling you what you need to hear not what you want to hear because that will get you nowhere."

 Though she had these redeeming qualities she also had a sarcastic streak and could come off slightly rude though she meant no harm.

"Good God!" She said, looking at Alfred's high score on his math test. "You overachiever, I wish I could get that good of a grade!"
"Math's not that hard!" Alfred grinned. "I might suck at Biology and English, but Math is my thing so no judgment."
She giggled, "Too late, I'm judging you."
  She didn't know it, but Alfred didn't like her sarcasm sometimes though he never told her so she never knew- had she known she would have fixed it. She went about her days normally- going to her classes with her best friends Alfred, Mathias, Gilbert, and Elizabeta (Liz for short). Slowly though, Alfred began to slip away from her. At first she didn't notice too much, figuring that he was just moody and would tell her about it when he was ready, but when he began sitting away from her small group of friends at lunch it hit her hard.
"Why won't he sit with us?" She asked, her heart aching. She wasn't the jealous type of friend- her friends could be friends with anyone they chose- but for him not to say a word and for it to be such a sudden change hurt her.
"I don't know," Mathias replied, "He's been really off though recently."
"He's sitting with Natalya though and her crew which is weird," Liz replied. "I'll do some snooping later." Two days later her Hungarian friend reported her findings- and she didn't like them however she had no time to probe for more information due to the fact that she needed to get to class.

How could he date Natalya? She asked herself, stepping into class. She stepped into the classroom- expecting Alfred to greet her- but found him talking to Toris. There was nothing wrong with Toris, but it was still odd how he acted like she didn't exist. Does he not know how much of a whore Natalya is? And why would he tell Mathias, Gilbert, and Liza after I left to go home- why didn't he just tell all of us.

  She took her seat and soon the teacher started her lesson, and then gave them busy work. She glanced over to where Alfred sat beside her and found him working diligently- weird because he hated English class and would do anything but his work. The class really wasn't doing their work so there was talking echoing around the room.
"Al," She called. "You doing the work?"
"Yep," Was his short reply.
She felt her chest tighten. "Can I talk to you in the hallway for a second? We can get a bathroom pass."
He stopped writing for a moment before sighing. "Yeah sure."
A few moments later the two were out in the hallway, aimlessly walking around the school building.
"What did you want to talk about?" He asked.
"Why didn't you tell us you were dating Natalya?" She asked, letting the hurt show in her eyes.
He ran a hand through his blond locks in slight frustration. "You're the only one I didn't tell because you would have been against it. You would go on a rant about why I shouldn't date her and be all sarcastic about it and rude."
[Name] reeled back like he had slapped her-feeling thoroughly offended. "You're right Alfred, I would have advised you not to do it, but I would let you do it- I can't stop you."
Alfred rolled his eyes. "You act like you're miss perfect. I bet you've drank and smoked once like all the rest of us."
She frowned, "Alfred I'm not perfect, but no I haven't drank or smoked though I know you, Mathias, and Gilbert have tried it once and I held you accountable by telling you how it's bad for you and it's against the law- we're minors, we don't need to drink right now."
"Holding us accountable," He scoffed. "What are you, our mother?"
  She could feel herself shaking from the character assassination she as going through. Why was he talking to her like this? Alfred had never talked to her in such an angry manner before no matter how many times she had annoyed him (which is hard to do- he's Alfred after all). "No I'm your friend and I look out for my friends. It's my job to hold you accountable for your actions and keep you from doing stupid things that get yourself hurt."
"No you're controlling, you're worse than my brother Arthur and you know how bad he is!" Alfred snapped, causing her to bit her lip to hold back tears. "All this talk about holding your friends accountable- no you're just afraid your good image will get tarnished or your secrets will come out."
"I have no secrets," She said, trying to keep her voice even. "You've known me for five years Alfred, you know everything about me! I don't mean to be controlling if that's how it seems- I just want what's best for my friends and I don't want to see them hurt!" she switched gears, "And speaking about getting hurt, you know what Natayla is known for. Why put yourself through that? You're going to end up hurt in the end…"
 He gave her a cold stare, totally ignoring what she just said. "I'm done [Name]." He turned around and headed back to the class room- leaving her in the hallway with tears in her eyes.


  A month has gone by since that day and [Name] almost wanted to smirk in Alfred's face. Natayla had cheated on him with Toris- no surprise there; those too were close. Mathias, Gilbert, Liza, and [Name] sat at their usual table watching Alfred try to find another group of people to sit with. Due to his personality he could fit in with anyone, but [Name] could tell that it wasn't the same for him. Sure, he hadn't cut off her other three friends but essentially he had when he cut her off- they were a package deal.
"I told him so," [Name] muttered, watching her ex friend with sadness in her eyes.
"He knows he's wrong," Gilbert said, shaking his head. "He just didn't want to hear you say it [Name]."
She didn't say anything for a moment. She turned her head to look at the three people she clung to as her life line. "Be honest, am I a bad friend?"
"No, you're an amazing friend," Liz replied with a grin.
"You have your downsides- you're sarcastic and you're occasionally rude," Gilbert said with his signature smirk. "But it makes you funny and it's just part of your personality."
"And besides," Mathias added. "You're always there for us when we need you- dropping everything to talk to us when we're sad. You'd do anything for us. Even if we don't want to hear something you tell us anyway knowing that it needs to be said."
"Alfred might not see how much he actually needs you, but we do. We'll always be there for you," Liz said, leaning over to hug her now cry best friend.
"I miss him so much," She muttered. She didn't want to say it, but in her mind she was thinking: I really liked him.
"Hey you've got us!" Mathias grinned, trying to cheer her up. "And it's a senior year so in a few months this will all be behind us!"
"Yeah, you're right," She sniffed, wiping off her face. "I love you guys."
"We love you too [nick name]," Liz said, wiping the mascara off [Name]'s face.

  Alfred became a stranger to her. They passed in the hall with not even a glance of recognition. It didn't hurt her anymore though, she was still angered slightly- feeling that those years of friendship now meant nothing- but it didn't hurt her heart. He was just another story to tell in the future beginning with, "Remember Alfred Jones? Remember when he…"

  It was a few days till graduation and it was locker clean out day for the seniors. With a sigh she opened her messy locker- preparing to scoop all the papers that had accumulated over the year and dump it in the trash. However, a note that was taped inside of her locker stopped her. As she read it she could feel the tears stream down her face again- the hurt retuning. The note read:

I don't think you'd ever understand just how sorry I am for this whole this. It was stupid and immature. You were right about Natayla (of course- I'm sure you were muttering "I told him so" when you found out about our break up), but my pride wouldn't let me go back to you and the others. I've found some other people to hang out with, but none of them are you guys. None of them could compare to the way you handle your friendships [Name]. You put 100% into them while they barely give 50%.
  I hope that one day you will forgive me. I miss you a lot and I regret that day in the hall when I snapped at you. It wasn't until a few weeks later when I realized just how amazing you really were (heh- guess really don't realize how amazing someone is until they're gone). You're pretty, smart, and incredibly talented. I'm sure you'll do great no matter where you go and what you do.
  Please don't let me ruin future friendships for you. Leave yourself open to people, but hold on to the ones who you know you can trust. Keep being loyal and hold your friends accountable (especially Mathias and Gilbert- you know how crazy they can be). I know you will, because you'll do anything for a friend…
Well, it was amazing being your friend- but if you ever want to talk you know how to get a hold of me.
Warning (since I forgot to put it in the text): slight language
WOO! Busted this about in about an hour. Idea based on some recent events in my life and had the urge to write it. And yes...I love the awesome trio (and Hungary- she would make an awesome best friend).
Picture is not mine- plot/story is.
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