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Happy Birthday...I Miss You [AmericaXchild!Reader]

   Happy Birthday…I Miss You
    She missed him. She hadn’t seen him in three months, and each day that crawled by became harder for her. She just wanted her Daddy to come back home to her. He went overseas on a long-term business trip, leaving her in the care of Matthew, her uncle. Matthew happily came to his brother’s house to care for his niece, always eager to spend time with her. He was nice and took good care of her, but it was different.
    “Uncle Mattie,” She called softly, as she trotted into the kitchen, clutching her stuffed animal close to her. “When is Daddy coming home?”
    Matthew looked away from the paper he was reading to turn his attention to his niece. He smiled softly at her, saying in his quiet voice: “Next month, sweetie.”
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EnglandXchild!Reader: Abandonment
   Title: Abandonment
   Warning: Nothing except feelings and angst
    One day he was there, taking care of her, loving her. The next he was gone, leaving behind nothing but a small wallet sized photo of the two of them-him in his red coat that she loved and her in her small red dress with white flowers stitched into it. She clutched the photo in her hands- the thin paper wrinkling in her grasp.
    "Wait, where are you going?" She asked, voice trembling.
    He looked at her with a thin smile, bags packed at his feet. "Back home love, I can't stay here forever."
    "I-I'm not ready to be on my own! I need more time," The young country protested. "Please stay longer..."
    The British nation almost caved under her heartbroken and teary gaze. For a split second he had flashbacks of when he left America...Australia...India- each time was the same, all of them gave him the same broken look. "[Name]..."
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Glad I Met You [AmericaXReader] CH12
What was she thinking letting this man into her apartment? Why did his accent sway her so? She watched as he looked at the pictures she had around the apartment- photos of her and Francis switched out with pictures of her and Alfred, family, and close friends.
                “He seems like a good guy, no?” He commented.
                “He is a good guy,” She said. “An amazing guy actually.”
                “What does that make me?”
                She had thought about it recently ironically. What was Francis in comparison to Alfred? “In general you’re a good person Francis, however you don’t handle your business well and yo
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Glad I Met You [AmericaXReader] CH11
“You should come out with us tonight,” It was more of a demand then a suggestion.
  [Name] sighed tiredly, “I’ve got to make a living Ludwig, not tonight. Besides, I would become the designated driver and I really don’t feel like cleaning up Gilbert’s puke.”
  Ludwig let out a low chuckle. “Just do what you did last time and rub his face in it-I’m sure he won’t do it again.” Ludwig moved further into her dimly lit office and stood next to her desk. “You’ve been working late nights for the past week and half, it’s not healthy.”
 She tilted her head up to look at him with a small smile. “I appreciate your concern, but not tonight.”
 He looked at the picture of her and Alfred next to the computer. “I know you miss him and you must be really worried, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you went out a few nights of the week.”
“Like I said befor
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Oh bordem mixed with watching alot of Hetalia by KayleeRea Oh bordem mixed with watching alot of Hetalia :iconkayleerea:KayleeRea 3 0
EnglandXReaderXAmerica: No Doubts
                       EnglandXReaderXAmerica: No Doubts
It was a chance meeting really, a coincidence. I knew I would meet him one day, but at the same time I believed I would never see the Brit again. I especially didn’t think I would see him at my place of work- a publishing company.
“Arthur?” I questioned, my face burned at the sound and feel of his name. We stood facing each other on the side of the busy hallway- five years of old feelings, good and bad, resurfacing. “What are you doing here?”
“Business of course,” He relied, accent rolling off his tongue with each word. I hate to admit it, but I still love his accent. “I didn’t know you worked for this company.”
I gave a weak smile, “Yep, I’ve been here for three years.”
He glanced at his watch before asking: “Do you have time to grab coffee?”
   I wanted to say no; that I
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GermanyxReader CH6
Warning: Slight language
  [Name] switched into ‘military mode’ when they arrived at the makeshift base. The base was a mix of brick buildings and tents located deep within the forest that made a natural boarder between Germany and her former country. She glanced at Germany who also had a harden expression- luckily he wasn’t wearing his German military uniform, but she was sure Major Hathaway would notice that he was not just some man off the streets.
She followed Private Zackary through the crowds of civilians and soldiers until they reached a private room in the back of the tent where Major Hathaway sat polishing his favorite gun that had his initials engraved in it.
“General,” Hathaway greeted, standing up to salute her.
“At ease Major,” She said, a small smile tugging at her lips. General Kane Hathaway was a longtime friend of hers and one of her most trusted soldiers. She had been the one to recruit him at the age of 18- it freaked h
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Glad I Met You [AmericaXReader] CH10
   The next few weeks were spent with Alfred. He got permission to work from her apartment and only took seminars that were near Chicago. [Name] would get off from work and meet up with him for dinner- or if he had a seminar she would preoccupy herself by going to Matthew’s house until he got back. She felt like she was neglecting her friends- especially Matthew- but they all insisted that she spend as much time was Alfred as she could. Before she knew it the end of February arrived. They stood facing each other- him in his military uniform and her in casual wear. His siblings watched sadly from the side.
“I’ll write to you all the time,” He said, trying to put a smile on her face. “And I’ll call whenever I can.”
She smiled lightly, “I’ll be waiting.” She stood on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around his shoulders- Alfred placing his arms around her waist. “I love you- come home to me okay?”
“Of cour
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AmericaXReader: For A Friend
  If anyone was to go up to [Name] and ask her what was the most important thing to her she would automatically reply, "Family and friends." It was who she was- she was loyal, told the honest truth no matter how hard it was, and would never leave a friend behind. She often told her friends during their serious conversations, "You know I'd never tell you something to get yourself hurt. I'm telling you what you need to hear not what you want to hear because that will get you nowhere."
 Though she had these redeeming qualities she also had a sarcastic streak and could come off slightly rude though she meant no harm.
"Good God!" She said, looking at Alfred's high score on his math test. "You overachiever, I wish I could get that good of a grade!"
"Math's not that hard!" Alfred grinned. "I might suck at Biology and English, but Math is my thing so no judgment."
She giggled, "Too late, I'm judging you."
  She didn't know it, but Alfred didn't like her sarcasm sometimes though
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GermanyXReader CH5
She was lost- hopelessly lost. She walked cautiously through the woods, gripping her white dress in her small hands.
"Where am I?" She asked herself. "It's cold and it looks like it's going to rain."
  She wondered around more until the forest opening up to a field. By this time her feet burned as did her stomach from lack of food. She continued to drag on through to try to find shelter from the drizzle that fell upon her. Across the field was a lone house with porch lights beckoning her to come closer. It took her awhile, but she finally made it to the elaborate house.
"Should I knock?" She murmured, tugging on the silver bracelet around her wrist in thought. Hearing the rumble of thunder from behind her she quickly made her decision. Approaching the door, she nervously knocked a few times.
 "'Ello?" The man who opened the door moments later questioned. He was tall, with blond wavy hair to his shoulders and blue eyes. He scanned the porch before he heard a small cough fr
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Papa!FranceXchild!Reader: You Are Not Useless
Papa!FranceXchild!Reader: You are Not Useless
The small child gazed out the window- watching her mother walk away.
"[Name], are you hungry?"
She turned to look at the French nation. "Yes, Papa."
  France picked her up and carried her to the kitchen, setting her down at the table while he prepared lunch the two of them. [Name] let her mind wonder, thinking about the events that just took place. Her caretaker and mother had dropped her off at France's house about an hour ago- telling her that she would have to say with her Papa France for a while. [Name] was a French and [country name] territory- her people speaking both her mother's and father's language.
"[Name], be a good little girl for your Papa okay?" Her mother had instructed in haste. "Mama won't be around for a while."
"Okay Mama," [Name] had replied reluctantly. She watched her Mama and Papa talk in hushed tones- her Papa seemed worried and frustrated while Mama looked angry and sad; what was happening?
France set
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GermanyXReader CH4
  [Name] walked aimlessly around the lands that used to be hers. Her capital was abandoned, people not wanting to stay for one reason or another. She sat on the steps of her capital building and closed her eyes. She could almost hear and see the hustle and bustle that used to make up the city of [capital name].
  She had been trying for a few weeks now to find the loophole that could be the key to getting her country back. She had talked to former members of her special forces and they knew nothing. She had searched the capital building for clues but all important documents had either been burned or taken by the Germans. She posed as a simple traveler and went to various towns and asked the people how they were and many replied that they were getting by but did not want to be part of Germany. They spoke of relatives who moved more into the German territory in hopes of finding work but found it hard because they were looked down upon.
  Opening her eyes she heaved a sigh and stood up. S
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Glad I Met You [AmericaXReader] CH9
  After all the New Year's celebrations calmed down it was back to work a few days later-Lucy being picked up by her parents the day before her first day back from her break. She heard less from Alfred because of his busy traveling schedule, but he tried to make it a point to at least call her once or twice a week.
"It's only been a week and you already look depressed."
She spun around in her chair and found Matthew smiling in the doorway of her office with a brown paper bag in hand.
"I do not look depressed," She protested. She sniffed the air as the aroma of food began to fill her office. "That smells good!"
"Got your favorite from Antonio's restaurant," He said, setting the paper bag onto her desk and taking out the containers. "He even gave me a discount though I had to promise to bring you in the next time I go in."
"Aw, he's adorable," She giggled, excited to eat the amazing food Antonio had made.
"Hey, don't get any ideas," Matthew said sternly. "You're still in a relations
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GermanyXReader CH3
A year has gone by since the take over and her goal to regain her country still stood.
"Why am I coming to this thing again?" She whispered to Prussia so Germany- who was walking in front of them with Italy and Romano- wouldn't hear. She felt embarrassed showing her face to the countries- feeling like she didn't deserve to be there.
"You represent Germany now so you have be here just like when you were [Country Name]," Prussia replied. "Though we don't have a say in things we still need to listen." He chuckled, "Though I doodle most of the time."
  Upon arrival- the three German representatives and the Italians were some of the first to arrive. England was there because he was the host country, but Russia, China and the Nordics had already arrived. [Name] felt her face burn from embarrassed when she felt curious and sympathetic eyes on her as she walked to her spot. They all knew about her fall from grace- the dissolution of her country. She wondered how long they talked about her
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GermanyXReader CH2
  She stood beside Germany- her body set in a straight soldier like posture. She watched with a broken spirit as her former boss signed away his country to the German leader. She was now officially German Confederacy- though she was known by many as South Germany. After the meeting when Germany and his boss left, her boss approached her with a sad smile.
"I'm sorry about this [Name]," He said, voice cracking from the emotions he tried so hard to keep inside. "Please, keep our people from breaking."
"I think they are already broken," She replied. "They are hurt, confused, and angry. A revolution might start or even a full blown civil war." She clutched her fist, "And what allies do I have? None. We were never able to finish the meeting for us to become America's ally. Then we would have a fighting chance to regain our freedom. My people are already being treated as dogs."
He set a hand on the dissolved nation's shoulder. "Grow stronger and gain your freedom. If not for you then for
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Glad I Met You [AmericaxReader] CH8
Title: Glad I Met You
Pairing: AmericaXReader
Summary: You are a young and accomplished business woman who's heart was been broken by someone you loved so much you could barely stand it. You have put walls up to keep from being hurt, but after meeting a fun loving speaker at a convention those walls slowly start to deteriorate.
  After shopping for a few hours the trio headed to Matthew's for dinner and to celebrate the New Years. Upon arriving, Arthur and Emma were already there relaxing along with some friends that Matthew had at work.
"[Name]!" A German accented voice called. "Is it true you're taken?"
She laughed as she helped Lucy take her coat and shoes off- handing it to Matthew who was placing everyone's belongings into a closet. "Yes Gilbert it's true."
"What? Who could you find better than the awesome me?" He cried.
"This guy," She replied, leaning up to kiss Alfred's cheek. "Alfred this is my friend Gilbert. He's a bit of a," She glanced at an ever listening Luc
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Graylu collage by Milady666 Graylu collage :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,648 231 Gray x Lucy kiss animation by Milady666 Gray x Lucy kiss animation :iconmilady666:Milady666 3,707 673 Cross-Over by Milady666 Cross-Over :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,262 177 FT_ ova3_2 by Milady666 FT_ ova3_2 :iconmilady666:Milady666 670 57 GrayLu Dispute by MontyCorra GrayLu Dispute :iconmontycorra:MontyCorra 97 19 Sakura- Don't cry... by CaiLiDeVeL Sakura- Don't cry... :iconcailidevel:CaiLiDeVeL 241 36 Zutara week Denim by Kuro-Akumako Zutara week Denim :iconkuro-akumako:Kuro-Akumako 2,195 192 Zutara Week : Blood by trishna87 Zutara Week : Blood :icontrishna87:trishna87 1,930 341 After the war (2) by ChiisanaMaho After the war (2) :iconchiisanamaho:ChiisanaMaho 49 1 Naruto Winter Wonderland by V0IDsKhaos Naruto Winter Wonderland :iconv0idskhaos:V0IDsKhaos 1,165 123 Plastic Troubles by threalsitygirl Plastic Troubles :iconthrealsitygirl:threalsitygirl 39 15 Next Time on Sleepy Hollow! by sweetlynumb63 Next Time on Sleepy Hollow! :iconsweetlynumb63:sweetlynumb63 84 11 The Wolf Among Us - Thumnbnail by SavingAlexis The Wolf Among Us - Thumnbnail :iconsavingalexis:SavingAlexis 66 1 Team Minato by karka92 Team Minato :iconkarka92:karka92 1,072 176 wouldn't mind by piupiupaw wouldn't mind :iconpiupiupaw:piupiupaw 191 53




I apologize for the slow updates on my Hetalia reader insterts, I've been busy with daily life and I'm on a Naruto kick so I need to find inspiration for Hetalia again.
I have a new Naruto fic called Come What May which is a NaruSaku fic so the current line up of stories I need to update is:
1.) Glad I Met You [AmericaXReader]
2.) GermanyXReader story
3.) Visiting Uncle England [Uncle!EnglandXReader]
4.) Come What May [NaruSaku]
...Way to give yourself a load of work to do Kaylee...
Anyway, everything will eventually be updated it will just take time. I also plan on making a part 2 to For A Friend [AmericaXReader] after I update some things. If anyone has any ideas for my stories or anything to ask just comment or send a note!
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I don't write yuri or yaoi (sorry). I might open request once I feel comfortable with my writing and when I have the time. I'm still a student so my studies need to come first.
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